About MCOE

Michelle Hutchins is the elected Superintendent of Schools and serves as MCOE’s chief administrative officer. The separately elected members of the Mendocino County Board of Education work with the Superintendent to oversee county education initiatives. 


Building capacity to help others learn and excel.


The Mendocino County Office of Education provides leadership, resources, services, and programs to improve the educational experience and outcomes for Mendocino County students.


In the pursuit of our vision and mission, all employees of the Mendocino County Office of Education perform in accordance with these organizational values. These values define us, unite and inspire us. They drive our decisions. They touch our lives daily in all our interactions.

ServiceWe are dedicated to excellence in satisfying both internal and external customer needs and honoring commitments that we have made to them.
ExcellenceWe are committed to developing strong skillsets that will benefit our students and district staff.
InnovationWe are committed to best practices in all areas of the agency and are willing to embrace new ideas, new practices and new processes.
TeamworkWe support each other’s efforts, are loyal to one another, care for each other and sacrifice our individual needs for the needs of the greater good.


Sometimes people get confused between the role of school districts and the role of MCOE. School districts are primarily responsible for teaching students academic curricula that adhere to California State Standards.

MCOE provides educational leadership, resources, and services to schools and districts to ensure a wide array of educational opportunities for all students.

At MCOE, we help schools build internal capacity through professional development, and we provide fiscal oversight for public school districts and charter schools. We also engage in political advocacy and serve as an information hub for Mendocino County. On the one hand, we champion the needs of rural schools at the State level, and on the other, we interpret State policy to help local schools understand how it applies to them.