Board of Education

The Mendocino County Board of Education derives its powers from the Constitution of California (Article 9, Section 7) and from California Education Code. The Mendocino County Board of Education consists of five trustees based on the Mendocino County Supervisorial Districts. Board members are elected to four-year terms and must reside in their respective trustee areas. A president and a vice-president are elected by the Board at its annual organizational meeting in December. A quorum of three members is required to conduct official business.


The County Board of Education is committed to providing the leadership necessary to meet the educational needs of a multicultural and diverse student population to increase student success.


Success for All Students


DateTimeLocationAdditional Information
2020.11.0910 a.m.Virtual
2020.12.1110 a.m.VirtualOrganizational Meeting
2020.12.1410 a.m.VirtualAnnual Consideration of Board Compensation
Annual Consideration of Superintendent's Salary
First Interim Budget Approval
Introduction to Appeal of Charter School Petition
2021.01.1110 a.m.VirtualLink to join the meeting:
TBA9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.TBAAnnual Planning Workshop or Training
2021.02.0810 a.m.Virtual
2021.03.0810 a.m.Virtual
2021.04.1210 a.m.Virtual
2021.05.1010 a.m.VirtualBoard Budget Workshop: Virtual 1:30-3:30 p.m.
2021.06.1410 a.m.Virtual
2021.07.1210 a.m.Virtual
2021.08.0910 a.m.Virtual
2021.09.135:00 - 8:00 p.m.VirtualVideo Conference
2021.10.1110 a.m.Virtual
2021.11.0810 a.m.Virtual
2021.12.10(FRIDAY) Organizational Meeting