Board Bylaws

BB 9000.00
Role of Board and Members (Powers, Purposes, Duties)
BB 9010.00
Public Statements
BB 9011.00
Disclosure of Confidential Information
BB 9110.00
Number of Members; Trustee Areas
BE 9110.00aTrustee Areas Map
BB 9120.00
Officers and Auxiliary Personnel
BB 9121.00
BB 9122.00
BB 9123.00
Vice President
BB 9124.00
BB 9130.00
Board Committees
BB 9140.00
Board Representative(s)
BB 9141.00
County Committee on School District Reorganization
BB 9200.00
Members Limits of Authority
BB 9220.00
County Board Elections
BB 9222.00
BB 9223.00
Filling Vacancies
BB 9230.00
BB 9240.00
Board Development
BB 9250.00
Remuneration, Reimbursement, and Other Benefits
BE 9250.00aRemuneration for Absent Board Member
BB 9260.00
Legal Protection
BB 9270.00
Conflict of Interest
BB 9271.00
Code of Ethics
BB 9300.00
BB 9310.00
Maintenance of and Access to Board Policies, Bylaws and Related Materials
BB 9311.00
Formulation, Adoption, Amendment, and Repeal of Board Policies, Bylaws, and Regs
BB 9320.00
Meetings and Notices
BE 9320.00aGovernment Code 54954 Provisions Regarding Meetings Outside District Boundaries
BB 9321.00
Closed Session -- Purposes, Agendas and Procedures
BB 9322.00
Agenda/Meeting Materials
BB 9323.00
Meeting Conduct
BE 9323.00aMeeting Conduct; Suggested Protocols for Board Members
BB 9323.02
Actions By The Board
BE 9323.02aActions Requiring More Than A Majority Vote
BB 9324.00
Board Minutes and Recordings
BB 9330.00
Membership In Associations
BB 9400.00Board Self-Evaluation