Board Students

BP 5000.00
Concepts and Roles
BP 5020.00
Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services
BR 5020.00Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services
BP 5030.00
Student Wellness
BP 5035.00
Student Medication
BR 5035.00Student Medication Administration
BE 5035.00aChecklist and Form for Staff to Assist Student with Self-Administration of Meds
BE 5035.00bChecklist and Form for Student Independent Self-Medication
BE 5035.00cChecklist For School Activity and Field Trip
BP 5112.05Open Campus
BR 5112.05Open Campus
BP 5123.00Promotion/Acceleration/Retention
BR 5123.00Promotion/Acceleration/Retention
BP 5125.00Student Records; Confidentiality; Record and Grade Challenges
BR 5125.00Student Records; Confidentiality; Record and Grade Challenges
BE 5125.00aPublicity Authorization and Release
BR 5125.01Student Information Release to Military Recruiters
BE 5125.01aParent Authorization
BE 5125.01bStudent Authorization
BP 5125.01
Transfer of Pupil Records to Charter Schools
BP 5131.01
Alcohol and Other Drugs
BP 5131.02Bullying
BP 5131.03
Skateboards, Scooters, Rollerblades/Skates, & Bicycles on COE Property/Campuses
BP 5132.00Dress and Grooming
BP 5137.00
Positive School Climate
BP 5141.00
BP 5141.22
Infectious Diseases
BP 5141.23
Infectious Disease Prevention
BP 5141.26
Tuberculosis Testing
BR 5141.26Tuberculosis Testing
BP 5141.52Youth Suicide Prevention
BP 5144.03School District Expulsion Appeals
BR 5144.03School District Expulsion Appeals
BE 5144.03aInstructions Memo to Appellant
BE 5144.03bExpulsion Appeal and Request for Hearing
BE 5144.03cRequest for Transcript and Support Documents from School District
BE 5144.03dExpulsion Appeal Handbook
BE 5144.03eExpellable Actions
BE 5144.03fExpulsion and Appeal Timelines
BE 5144.03gExpulsion Hearing Compliance Checklist
BE 5144.03hExpulsion Checklist for Special Education Student
BE 5144.03i
Expulsion Appeal Packet (A-H) Parent/Guardian
BP 5145.01
BP 5145.02
Freedom of Speech/Expression/Assembly: Publications Code
BP 5145.03
BP 5145.04
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
BR 5145.04Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
BR 5145.05Bullying, Intimidation and/or Harassment
BE 5145.05aBullying and/or Intimidation Complaint Form
BE 5145.05bEducation Code 234-234.5 Anti-Bullying/Harassment
BE 5145.05cBoard Policy on Bullying/Anti-Intimidation
BP 5145.07
Sexual Harassment Policy
BR 5145.07Sexual Harassment Complaints
BP 5145.09
Student Access to Networked Information Resources
BR 5145.09Student Access to Networked Information Resources
BE 5145.09aStudent Internet Use Agreement
BP 5145.11
Questioning and Apprehension
BP 5146.00
Court Community Schools and Alternative Education Programs-CalSAFE
BP 5147.00
Dropout Prevention
BP 5217.00
Interdistrict Attendance
BR 5217.00Interdistrict Attendance Appeals
BE 5217.00aInterdistrict Attendance Appeals Before the Board
BE 5217.00bInterdistrict Attendance Transfer Appeal Request