Superintendent Business and Operations


SP 3000.00
Concepts and Roles
SP 3100.00
SE 3100.00aBudget Development Calendar
SE 3100.00bBudget Transfer
SR 3100.01Developing Budgets
SR 3100.02Managing Program Budgets
SP 3200.00
SE 3200.00aInter-Department Request-Billing
SR 3200.01Billing for Goods and/or Services
SR 3200.02Billing for Contracted County Office Services
SR 3200.03Billing for Billing for Reimbursement of State-approved Activities
SP 3260.00
Cash Receipts
SR 3260.01Cash/Check Revenue Collection
SP 3300.00
SP 3301.00
Purchasing Goods and/or Services
SE 3301.00aRequest for Requisition
SE 3301.00bPurchase Order Change Request
SE 3301.00cWarrant Request
SE 3301.00dObject Code List
SE 3301.00eDisposal/Surplus/Transfer of Fixed Asset
SE 3301.00fUnacceptable Purchases
SR 3301.01Purchasing Goods and/or Services
SR 3301.02Revising a Purchase Order
SR 3301.03Payment to Vendor
SR 3301.04Receiving
SR 3301.05Shipping
SR 3301.06Warrant Request
SP 3302.00
Use of Credit Cards
SE 3302.00aCredit Card Acceptance
SE 3302.00bCardholder Guide
SE 3302.00cCredit Card Log
SE 3302.00dCardholder Guide
SR 3302.01Credit Card Purchasing
SR 3302.02Reconciliation of Bank Statement
SR 3302.03Replacing/Canceling a Credit Card
SR 3302.04Prohibited Uses
SP 3303.00
Guidelines For Meeting Refreshment/Meal Expense
SP 3401.00
SE 3401.00aJob Assignment (Status) Form
SE 3401.00bAutomatic Payroll Deposit Authorization Form
SE 3401.00cCertificated Work Schedule Report (Timecard)
SE 3401.00dClassified Work Schedule Report (Timecard)
SE 3401.00eManagement Work Schedule Report (Timecard)
SE 3401.00fSupplemental Time Card
SE 3401.00gStudent Supplemental Time Card
SE 3401.00hVoluntary Payroll Deductions
SE 3401.00iCertificated Employee Work Schedule
SE 3401.00jClassified Employee Work Schedule
SE 3401.00kManagement Employee Work Schedule
SE 3401.00mSemiannual Certification of Time Worked
SE 3401.00nPersonnel Activity Report (PAR)
SE 3401.00oSalary Under/Overpayment (Active Employee)
SE 3401.00pSalary Under/overpayment (Terminated Employee)
SE 3401.00qSalary Under/Overpayment (2nd Notice)
SE 3401.00rSalary Under/Overpayment (Statement of Understanding)
SE 3401.00sPaycheck Options
SR 3401.01Annual Contract and Job Assignment
SR 3401.02Distribution of Pay Checks
SR 3401.03End of Year
SR 3401.04Regular Work Schedule Report (Time Cards)
SR 3401.05Supplemental Time Cards
SR 3401.06Employee Work Schedule
SR 3401.07County Office Business Hours and Flex-time
SR 3401.08Compensatory Time and Overtime (Classified Employees)
SR 3401.09Documenting Salaries and Wages
SR 3401.10Salary Underpayment/Overpayment
SP 3420.00
Travel Reimbursement
SE 3420.00aTravel Request Form
SE 3420.00bHotel/Motel Transient Occupancy Tax Waiver Exemption Claim
SE 3420.00cTravel Claim Form
SE 3420.00dMileage Chart
SE 3420.00fTravel Expense Examples
SR 3420.01Travel Request
SR 3420.02Travel Claim
SR 3420.03Rental Car Use
SR 3420.04MCOE Vehicle Use
SP 3430.00
Independent Consultant Services
SE 3430.00aCommon Law Rules
SE 3430.00bCertification of Independent Contractor Status
SE 3430.00cConsultant Services Agreement
SE 3430.00dLetter of Agreement
SE 3430.00eClaim for Reimbursement
SE 3430.00fIRS W9
SR 3430.01Preparation of Consultant Services Agreement
SR 3430.02Payment to Consultant
SP 3510.00
Facilities and Services
SP 3511.00
Distribution of Keys
SE 3511.00aKey Request
SR 3511.01Distribution of Keys
SP 3513.00
Integrated Pest Management
SE 3513.00aChemicals Known to Cause Cancer or Reproductive Toxicity
SP 3530.00
Liability and Property Insurance
SE 3530.00aAccident Reporting Form
SE 3530.00bAuto Accident Report
SE 3530.00cField Trip Adult
SE 3530.00dStudent Extracurricular
SE 3530.00eField Trip Minor
SR 3530.01Liability and Property Insurance
SR 3530.02Vehicle Accident
SP 3531.00
Workers' Compensation
SE 3531.00aSupervisor's Report of Employee Injury (MCOE)
SE 3531.00bDWC Form
SE 3531.00cForm 5020
SE 3531.00dPRIME Form
SE 3531.00ePrimary Care Physician
SE 3531.00fRights for Workers' Comp Benefits and How to Obtain Them
SR 3531.01Workers' Compensation
SP 3590.00
Work Orders (Maintenance & Operations)
SR 3590.01Work Orders
SP 3591.00
Work Orders (Technology)
SR 3591.01Work Orders