Continuous Improvement

A continuously improving education system is one that learns from experience by carefully measuring the effectiveness of different policies and practices, supporting the intrinsic motivation of educators and stakeholders (including educators, parents and community members), sharing best and promising practices, cultivating a culture of reflection and learning, encouraging innovation, and making changes based on learning.

Continuous improvement is a process of:

  • Identifying what is working and what needs to change
  • Developing a sound plan (e.g., LCAP, LCAP Addendum, Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), Improvement Plan) and including more effective, or evidence-based practices in the plan
  • Implementing the plan
  • Using data to monitor outcomes and make timely adjustments to improve those outcomes




Inland Office

Kim Kern, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

Educational Services

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Stephen Hahm, School Climate and Transformation Coach

District Programs and Supports

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Theresa House, E-Learning Specialist

Educational Technology

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Julie Simental, Administrative Secretary

Educational Services

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