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If you are in need of Child Care for children up to age 12, please email Rural Communities Child Care at or call (707) 263-4688 ext. 410 and provide your name, phone number where you can be reached, the days and hours of child care needed, and age of child(ren) needing care. 


The Mendocino County Child Care Planning Council provides a forum for the identification of local priorities for child care and early learning services and the development of policies and strategies to meet these priorities. Established in 1998 by the Board of Supervisors, the Mendocino County Child Care Planning Council provides a venue where the impact of state and federal child care policies, proposed legislation, and regulation can be examined from multiple viewpoints. The Council conducts a mandated community-wide needs assessment, followed by a county-wide strategic plan for child care services at least every five years. It also advises and makes recommendations to policymakers to promote and plan for quality child care and development for the benefit of all children (from birth to 21), their families, and Mendocino County.


The mission of the Mendocino County Child Care Planning Council is to promote the professional growth of the child care and early education workforce and to advocate for the development of quality, accessible, and affordable child care programs for children ages birth to 21.


All Mendocino County children will have equal access to safe, stimulating, and nurturing childcare and early education environments so that children thrive emotionally, intellectually, and physically.


Our Council is state-mandated to have members that represent the following five types of community members: child care providers, public agency representatives, parent-child care consumer representatives, community representatives, as well as discretionary representatives that have an understanding of our communities’ child care needs.


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Child Care Planning Council 2020-2021 Calendar


General Council

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CCPC Calendar 2020-2021

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Executive Council

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CCPC Calendar 20-21 DRAFT

Candy Prairie Renewal-Public Agency Rep

Bessie Glossenger App-Public Agency Rep

Oct. 28, 2020
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Early Learning & Care

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