Educational Services

The Educational Services Division provides direct student services to many of Mendocino County’s most vulnerable students and those with unique needs. These include special education for low-incidence (multiple handicapped) pupils; adjudicated and incarcerated students served through court and community schools; preschool, childcare and child development programs and services; and many others. Many districts find it cost-effective to partner with MCOE to deliver services.

The Educational Services Department also provides supports and services to Mendocino County LEAs; specifically, MCOE provides leadership and support to school districts to assure continuous improvement of curriculum development, instructional delivery, student assessment, teacher preparation, and professional development. It also works with the California Department of Education with the implementation of curriculum standards, assessment, curriculum frameworks and adoption of instructional materials. Finally, the Educational Services Department helps LEAs assess and comply with state and federal regulatory requirements.

Photo of Yvonne Avila

Yvonne Avila

Administrative Secretary II

Photo of Eric Crawford

Eric Crawford

Director - Career and College Readiness

Photo of Shane Hildebrand

Shane Hildebrand

Assistant Superintendent Educational Services

Photo of Nicole Odell

Nicole Odell

Assistant Superintendent of Education Services

Photo of Lech Slocinski

Lech Slocinski

Teacher-CTE Photography