Budget & Financial Services

Provide internal financial operations for Mendocino County Office of Education. Services include budgeting, financial accounting, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable/invoicing for all programs. We ensure compliance with federal and state requirements, education codes and MCOE policies and procedures and maintain fiscal solvency.

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Review, audit and payment of claims for goods and services. Services include payments to vendors and employee reimbursements such as travel reimbursements and cellphone reimbursements. Maintain a centralized accounts receivable/invoicing system for all programs. Maintain a centralized record of all contracts and MOU’s. Collect and record accounts receivable payments. Prepare and make weekly cash deposits.

Attendance Accounting/Report (AERIES, CALPADS & CASMIS)

Activities include directing the annual budgeting cycle, preparing the budget and budget revisions for all programs operated by MCOE.


Activities include directing the annual budgeting cycle, preparing the budget and budget revisions for all programs operated by MCOE.

Financial Accounting Services

Financial operational support to all of the programs and services operated by MCOE. Promote the operational efficiency and financial integrity of MCOE through exceptional accounting, budgeting and compliance. Control and management of the various funds. Preparation of financial reports for MCOE.


Activities include developing grant budgets, expenditure reports. Assuring compliance with grant parameters and using funds appropriately. Includes MAA and MediCal.


Provide payroll compensation services to approximately 175 regular employees and for temporary and substitute staff. Prepare monthly, supplemental, and other periodic payrolls. Review and audit the payroll to ensure compliance with union contracts, MCOE policies, retirement systems, education code, tax regulation and government code. Manage position control.

Budget & Financial Services Staff

Photo of Haley Belford

Haley Belford

Administrative Secretary II

Photo of Rylee Bennett

Rylee Bennett

Accounting Technician II

Photo of Nora Bertorelli

Nora Bertorelli


Photo of Debbi Conner

Debbi Conner

Grant Administrator

Photo of Melissa Dale

Melissa Dale

District Fiscal Mangement Advisor

Candice DeVeau

Accounting Technician I

Photo of Traci Doster

Traci Doster

Benefits Specialist

Photo of Hillary Dunn

Hillary Dunn


Photo of Michelle Ebert

Michelle Ebert

Director- External Fiscal

Photo of Erika Eller

Erika Eller

Accounting Technician II

Photo of Patricia Gallo

Patricia Gallo

Coordinator- Payroll

Photo of Kiley Heath

Kiley Heath

Risk Manager

Photo of Nichole Hurt

Nichole Hurt

Accounting Technician II

Photo of Shannon Langevin

Shannon Langevin


Photo of Angela Long

Angela Long

Accounting Technician I

Photo of Carina Lopez

Carina Lopez

Data Control Lead

Photo of Craig Perry

Craig Perry

Accounting Technician II

Photo of Heather Rantala

Heather Rantala

Assistant Superintendent of Business and Administrative Services

Photo of Robyn Ruiz

Robyn Ruiz

Accounting Technician II

Photo of Suzanne Steely

Suzanne Steely

Director- Internal Fiscal

Photo of Jami Vallejo

Jami Vallejo

District Fiscal Mangement Advisor

Request for Proposals

In April, 2024, MCOE sent out an RFP for legal services. We have awarded the contract to School and College Legal Services.

Notice of Award

RFP for legal services