Mindfulness Foundations Mindful Schools Training

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This Mindfulness Foundations course is sponsored by MCOE Continuous Improvement Department and a CalHope Grant.

DATES: May 4 - May 31 (deadline to register 4/18).

  • 4 Weeks facilitated online training with an online Live Session during Module 2 (optional 1-hour online call guided by faculty)
  • 2-3 Hours per week, self-paced
  • Multimedia Resources via video, guided audio, reading, course activities
  • Online Forum for connection & discussion
  • Live session has two times available


  • Understand the science of mindfulness and how the adult nervous system is an intervention
  • Learn different practices that can support you during your teaching day and daily life
  • Practice strategies to navigate intense emotions and negative thought patterns
  • Uncover blindspots and disrupt implicit bias
  • Use trauma-sensitive approaches in your own practice
  • Inspire compassion, curiosity, openness, and connection

JOIN US! You'll register through MCOE's link above. We will register you for the course, and you'll get direct communication from Mindful Schools before the start of your course. Consult the Mindful Schools website for date details, the live hour is optional.

READ MORE HERE: Mindful Schools Website

GRADUATE UNIT AVAILABLE: Please visit this link to learn about how you can pay for one graduate unit by completing this self-paced course. Course costs covered by MCOE, units paid by participants.

SPONSORED BY: MCOE Continuous Improvement Department and CalHope Grant

CONTACT: EMILY SELIM eselim@mcoe.us