Adult Education

The Adult Education program through the Mendocino County Office of Education is a resource for the adults in our community providing referrals to and opportunities for extended education.

The Institute of Career Education is supported by the Mendocino County Office of Education and offers courses in Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy. These are college level courses that are of interest to individuals desiring to work in the medical field.

Mendocino County Office of Education also provides outreach to local educational partners, Teach Lake County (Lake County Office of Education) and North Coast School of Education (Sonoma County Office of Education) providing opportunities for individuals that currently possess a four year degree and are interested in obtaining a teaching credential. These programs provide an opportunity to work as an intern teacher while earning the desired credential.


Photo of Sally Nevarez

Sally Nevarez

Administrative Secretary I

Photo of Tami Mee

Tami Mee

Manager- Adult Education

Photo of Jessica Aikman

Jessica Aikman

Teacher- CTE Medical Assistant

Photo of Krishna Snediker

Krishna Snediker

Teacher-CTE Phlebotomy

Photo of Sherry Rease

Sherry Rease

Teacher-CTE Reg Dental Asst