Preschool Consortium

The Mendocino County State Preschool Consortium works in conjunction with ten school districts to operate sixteen state preschool sites throughout the county. The programs serve income-eligible three to five-year-old children for three to four hours a day, five days a week. Income guidelines may be higher than you think! For example, a family of four can have a gross income of up to $10,740/month and still qualify. Children with IFSPs and IEPs qualify regardless of family income. Our programs offer a rich classroom environment with well-qualified teachers. The program staff works in cooperation with families to create an active learning environment for the children. Our preschools are funded by CDE/ELCD and meet all program requirements for both Title 5 and Title 22.

To ensure a high quality program, we offer a well-planned, developmentally appropriate curriculum. We recognize and affirm each child’s need to grow and develop at his/her own pace. One of the most important aspects of a positive early education experience is the recognition of each child in the program as a unique individual. Appropriately supporting young children in the preschool environment includes accepting and being responsive to differing abilities and interests.

Several preschool sites are full inclusion sites. These sites provide appropriate services where children with disabilities are in programs with their typically developing peers. Typically developing children have an opportunity to experience a diversity of abilities, and children with disabilities have the opportunity to learn from the social and language skills of their typically developing peers.

Check your income eligibility here. We can enroll families who are up to 15% over the income guidelines (which as set at 100% of the state median income).

Contact a site supervisor, listed below, to enroll your child in a Mendocino County State Preschool.

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