Low Incidence Services


Low Incidence services are provided to individuals with disabilities from birth to 22 who have been identified with hearing, vision, orthopedic or combination thereof. Our goal is to assist students in order to access education and inclusion in school, home and community settings. Staff work collaboratively with parents, care providers, educators, and other professionals who serve these individuals. Services are determined according to student program placement and individual need based on IEP requirements.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing (DHH)

An itinerant resource program provides support for students who are hard of hearing whose loss affects their learning ability. Integral DHH services include: consultation to support the student and school staff for successful mainstreaming; liaison; between family, medical community, school, and in-service for peers and staff. Direct services focus on Language Arts, and can include classroom interpreters, note takers and tutoring. Assistive devices are available to students as needed. Parent support and education are central to the infant program. Services for infants include a combination of home based and group sessions for children and parents. The communication philosophy supports each families goals for their child’s needs, with strong support given to American Sign Language as the ideal for signing students.

Orthopedically Impaired (OI)

Eligibility for the OI program is dependent upon a medical diagnosis, which adversely affects educational performance. Some conditions resulting in severe orthopedic impairments include cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, spinal cord injuries and head trauma. Normal physical development, movement and daily living activities may be significantly restricted. Staff provide direct educational service, collaborate with other specialists including speech, physical and occupational therapists, provide ability awareness to peers and staff, and stay current with best practices and new innovations in adaptive equipment and state of the art technology.

Orientation and Mobility Specialist

Instructs students with visual impairments in the development of skills and knowledge that enable them to travel independently, to the highest degree possible.

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech and Language Pathologists provide an array of services for students and Families in the Early Start program, and provide contracted services for districts throughout the county. These services include assisting with articulation challenges, language development, and communication strategies. SLPs provide direct services individually and in small groups to facilitate social interaction, training to school staff and work with teams to identify and provide alternative communication devices and assistive technology.

Visually Impaired (VI)

As part of the inclusive education, staff instructs students with visual impairments to learn all or part of the routines in which their peers engage. Increasing awareness of their world, instruction in self-advocacy, daily living skills, classroom and school activities, and improving self-esteem are emphasized. Students succeed academically with Braille instruction, materials in large print, audiotapes and adaptive equipment to access the core curriculum. Staff work with parents regarding coping strategies, other agency and medical contacts, and transition planning which pave the way toward their independence and success as adults.

Photo of Jonathan Anderson

Jonathan Anderson

Educational Interpreter

Photo of Brittany Bazelak

Brittany Bazelak

School Nurse

Photo of Brenda Bianchi

Brenda Bianchi

Educational Interpreter

Photo of Stephen Bratton

Stephen Bratton

Clinical School Psycologist

Photo of Lindsay Burkhardt

Lindsay Burkhardt

Occupational Therapist

Photo of Meghan Cendejas

Meghan Cendejas

Teacher- Deaf & Hard Of Hearing

Photo of Marina Cochran-Keith

Marina Cochran-Keith

Intern Speech & Language

Photo of Marissa Cohen Montalvo

Marissa Cohen Montalvo

Teacher- Early Start

Photo of Cynthia Coupe

Cynthia Coupe

Speech & Language Specialist

Photo of Kathleen Crosse Flores

Kathleen Crosse Flores

Educational Interpreter

Photo of Noelle Crozier

Noelle Crozier

Behavioral Aide

Photo of Miranda Dabbs

Miranda Dabbs

Occupational Therapist

Photo of Kimberly Deckman

Kimberly Deckman

Speech & Language Specialist

Photo of Jolene Dye

Jolene Dye

Physical Therapist

Photo of Sherri Finley

Sherri Finley

School Nurse

Photo of Astasia Floyd

Astasia Floyd

Instructional Paraprofessional

Photo of Gustavo Fuentes

Gustavo Fuentes

Educational Interpreter

Photo of Erika Gatlin

Erika Gatlin

Teacher- Early Start

Photo of Amanda Grace

Amanda Grace

Occupational Therapist

Photo of Holly Hutcheson

Holly Hutcheson

School Nurse

Photo of Karina Jahn

Karina Jahn

Speech & Language Specialist

Photo of Tasha Klewe

Tasha Klewe

School Psychologist Intern

Photo of Sue Adee "Deedee" Levine

Sue Adee "Deedee" Levine

Occupational Therapist

Photo of Christine Maffia

Christine Maffia

Administrative Secretary I

Photo of Bryn Martin

Bryn Martin

Speech & Language Specialist

Photo of Ingrid Mitchell

Ingrid Mitchell

Educational Interpreter

Photo of Jane Nemeth

Jane Nemeth

Teacher- Orientation & Mobility

Photo of Norma Oldfield

Norma Oldfield

Educational Interpreter

Photo of Moriah Oliphant

Moriah Oliphant

Teacher- Deaf & Hard Of Hearing

Photo of Maria Ortega

Maria Ortega

Behavioral Aide

Photo of Enrique Perez

Enrique Perez

School Psychologist

Photo of Julie Peterson

Julie Peterson

Instructional Paraprofessional

Photo of Isaac Ramey

Isaac Ramey

Senior Director Special Education

Photo of Nina Ravitz

Nina Ravitz

Teacher- Early Start

Photo of Lilyanna Redin

Lilyanna Redin

Instructional Paraprofessional

Photo of David Riter

David Riter

Educational Interpreter

Photo of Heather Robles

Heather Robles

Behavioral Aide

Photo of Patricia Rumberger

Patricia Rumberger

Teacher- Mild/Moderate

Photo of Harlan Scott

Harlan Scott

Behavioral Aide

Photo of Elizabeth Sorensen

Elizabeth Sorensen

Speech & Language Specialist

Photo of Sarah Stevenson

Sarah Stevenson

Resource Specialist Teacher

Photo of Ruth Strader

Ruth Strader

Teacher- Mild/Moderate

Photo of Beth Szychowski

Beth Szychowski

Teacher- Orthopedic Impairment

Photo of Keenan Tyner

Keenan Tyner

Mental Health Clinician

Photo of Melody Ulrich

Melody Ulrich

Teacher- Early Start

Photo of Mary Vance

Mary Vance

Teacher- Vision Impaired

Photo of Evaleona Villamor

Evaleona Villamor

School Psychologist

Photo of Trina Wagar

Trina Wagar

Supervisor- Special Education

Photo of Juanita Yanez

Juanita Yanez

Instructional Paraprofessional

Photo of Jasmine Zartman

Jasmine Zartman

School Psychologist